Rik Cameron Photography

Rik Cameron Photography

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Drop Dedd Dollies

When we decided that we needed a photographer for our social club we were given so many names. We chose Rik as our official club photographer because of his ability to catch the beauty of an unscripted picture. His ability to take candid shots and turn them into rich memories. We never worry if he got the shot because he always does. He brings a professionalism to his photography too. He's able to do what we want without us even explaining any of it! He's got a knack for the alternative flair as well. He's been one of the greatest components of our group and it's because of his photos that we are so successful. Thanks Rik.

Ashley Green

Rik made it a family photo day fun experience, my children actually enjoyed themselves and had a blast. I can't put into words how happy we are with the pictures Rik took.

Vanessa Sletten

I like having my picture taken but at the same time I am a shy person, Rik makes you feel comfortable and ready to take pictures. The places he chooses and the ideas he has make the pictures more memorable. The pictures always turn out amazing, and the experience of him taking my picture is unforgettable. Any time I need pictures or any one I know who needs pictures I definitely recommend him.



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Portland, OR



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